Celebrating 24 years! Eat Better! Eat Fresh, Eat Well, Eat Local

Moondance is the creation of the Lama (Tamang) Family. Simply put, we love what we do and take pride in Moondance. The term gets to the heart of how we see the restaurant business. Moondance is not just a business, but an extension of our family and our ideals. Moondance, as far as it has come over the past decade, will never be done. We are constantly working to improve our food and service, evolve our philosophy, change with the times, and please our customers. Through an incridible amount of hard work and sheer force of will, we now have 40+ tables, over 200 seats, a full bar, a patio, a remodeled kitchen, and a reputation for great food.

Our own small Mountain View Farm just outside Pokhara fueled our passion for fresh ingredients, so our food is prepared without chemicals, additives and preservatives. Please join us in supporting local farmers as well as other local businesses, keeping money ino ur own community, saving the planet from a lot of pollution from chemical farming and unnecessary food trasportation. Here at Moondance we passionately believe in respecting the food we eat and, if we are controlling our own food chain, we can show maximum respect to our customers. We produce real food with real taste, reared with love, in a sustainable manner as possible. The aim is for your vegetables and herbs to be served within hours of harvesting and all ingedients are selected for their taste.

In addition, all sauces, cutneys, jam, pasta, pastries, seasonal ice-cream is freshly made everyday. Beside it, we take hygiene very seriously. Therefore anyone is welcome to visit our kitchen at any time.

Dinners like you have supported us all the way along and we are forever greatful.

The Lama Family and the Moondance Crew