• I did dinner in this restaurant...famous as well as nice..good ambiance, well maintained, friendly staff..but the best part is its food..everything was just great..very fresh..chicken noodles, fish variety was really nice...

    Lalbahadur Mumbai (Bombay), India
  • Had the local lake fish which was expertly done and crisp. The Mojito and Sangria were yummy!!! And the semi-alfresco dining atmosphere was great.

    wthdx, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Our guide had recommended "Moondance" for fish - and he was spot on. This was the first non-foreign type food we had eaten on our trip. We had broiled salmon trout with mash potato and al-dente vegetables. It was very good. After that we had a scoop of ice-cream each and enjoyed that. It was fairly crowded but we got a table upstairs, towards the back. Staff were friendly and attentive. Atmosphere was buzzing, it is at the busy end of lakeside. Would recommend it.

    Margo37, Dublin, Ireland
  • I have been to moondance a number of times. Every time has been a memorable one. Be it the soups, the salads or the Thai cuisines I've liked it all! One shouldnt miss the spinach cheese naan and the buffalo wings there. The Mediterranean platter is just mouth watering. If you are sweet toothed...do not miss the Machhapuchhre Kiss...the ulmitate savory ...The owner Dorje L is the nicest person! Be ready... You might receive a surprise pitcher of Shangria or Minty Mohito...just out of the blue when he is around!!

    68transavia New York City, New York
  • This is one restaurant in Lakeside where you are sure that the food quality is top notch. I had an Indian dish the last time, and the waiters were flexible enough to include a yogurt dish and even some chillies and onions on the side... Lovely service.. a favourite

    Raj G, nepal
  • The grilled chicken salad and greek salad were divine (all lettuce and greens are properly washed ect.) rosemary chicken yum! tomato soup and mashed potatoes were a staple there for me! One more thing Bruchetta !! We were here so often they began to know what we wanted. 2 for 1 drinks at happy hour and a excellent meal for under $10 CAN. The service was excellent most of the time and i cant say enough for the food!

    Loni L Courtenay, Canada
  • We visited Moondance having heard about its great reputation through Lonely Planet and we were not disappointing. The food was great whether you ordered Nepalese cuisine or Western style food and the selection of desserts was antastic, I only wish I could have tried them all. I would particularly recommend their tandoori chicken. The only issue we had was with a slightly incompetent waiter who didn't understand how to use a calculator to total our bill but, that small hiccup aside, we had a great dining experience.

    Wazza, Loughborough, United Kingdom